The WPMS board is made up of current WPMS parents.  Board members serve a 3-year term and commit to serving on various committees, attending monthly meetings, and volunteering at school events.


President: Leticia Wincko

Vice President: Havila Eubanks

Secretary: Katarzyna Swope

Treasurer: Jamie Campbell, Head of School – all committees



Jamie Campbell, Treasurer and Head of School – all committees

Havila Eubanks – Human Resources & Scholarship, Long-Range Planning, Fundraising

Jason Lange – Budget & Finance, Buildings & Grounds


Katarzyna Swope – Hospitality, Marketing

Angela Tuminello – Fundraising, Nominating, Marketing

Leticia Wincko (President)- Policy, HospitalityFundraising

David Fath- Buildings & Grounds, Marketing, Policy

Brian Lawton- Budget & Finance, Longe Range Planning

Melanie Hoy- Hospitality, Human Resources

Ernie Hollenbeck- Buildings and Grounds, Nominating