IMG_1913Mrs. Linda Barton has a BS in Nutrition Education and Dietetics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She is former early childhood center teacher.  She received her Montessori training for pre-primary children ages 3 to 6 at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in Altoona, PA.  She has been  at WPMS since 2002. Mrs. Barton is currently the Yellow Room AM and PM 3-6 teacher.  Mrs. Barton is the mother of three children.




If she could be invisible for one day  she would go to Washington DC, visit the White House and walk through all of the rooms, even the kitchens and the secret tunnels. Then she would go over to the candy factory to see how M&M’s are made. “Since I consider these two places to be highly classified, I am sure if I went “in the flesh” they would have to kill me once I witnessed everything and I don’t want that to happen!”