“Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.”

~Dr. Maria Montessori

Toddler-program-playgroundThe Toddler Program

The foundation for a life-long love of learning starts here in this classroom.  Children at this age are learning to be independent and the program fosters that development along with social exploration.

Program Details

WPMS now offeres 3 options for the toddler program: 5 days 8:30-11:30 AM, 5 days 8:30-3:30, or 5 days 7:30 am-6:00 pm

The Toddler Program is a school year program and provides an environment for your growing, active, and curious 20 month to 35 month old (by September 1). The classroom is specifically tailored to support the young child’s physical and emotional development in a respectful environment.

The environment and staff cater specifically to a Toddler’s critical areas of development; personality, trust, thinking, problem solving, separation and socialization. The warm, inviting and positive atmosphere is rich with activities which are designed to assist the children in making a positive and purposeful separation from their parents. Also the children have the opportunity to establish new and bonding relationships with other children and adults while engaging in stimulating activities.

The Montessori Toddler curriculum strives to enhance development in four major areas: movement, independence, language and self-control. This program offers a prepared environment for the young child, complete with age-specific materials and activities.

The Toddler program allows for a smooth transition into the 3-6 environments. All new toddlers will receive a Home Visit where your child’s teacher will come to your home, meet the child and parents, and get to know the child where s/he is most comfortable.

The Home Visit is a first step for parents and teachers to begin the collaboration that will go on for the next few years. The visit also provides an avenue to learn more in-depth information about the child and be advised of any special needs.

The staff of the Toddler Program is specifically trained to understand and guide the 20 month – 35 month old child through their specific transition and development period. The WPMS Toddler Program maintains a staff/child ratio of 1/5, ensuring quality, attentive care for your child. In addition, the Toddler staff will assist your child in:

      • Building your child’s independence by allowing them to make his/her own work choices and allowing uninterrupted work time to build concentration and accomplishment.
      • Positive communication and interaction with the child during diaper changing/use of the toilet in order to facilitate toilet learning skills and awareness as well as independence.
      • Discipline based re-direction of energy and remindful repetition rather than negative labeling and accusation.
      • Slow, careful movements and soft, direct words in order to build trust and positive communication.

Toddler Playground

The toddlers have their own fenced-in playground with a playhouse/climbing structure and a four person bike on a track plus many other playthings just for toddlers. They go outdoors every day that the weather permits to the artificial turf and grass playground.


Mrs. Laura Lankes – Teacher

Diana Panza- Assistant

Maureen Perelman – Assistant

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