Motivate Your Young Reader

Motivate Your Young Reader

Families play an enormous role in turning children into lifelong readers.  But how can you keep kids excited about books?  Aside from making story time enjoyable and interesting, research shows that children are motivated to read by:

Previous experience. Children are often drawn to books they’ve read before.  So, don’t balk about reading your child’s favorite books for the millionth time.

Having access to books. those trips to the library are  important.

Choices. Even the youngest child likes to select his/her own stories. Start off by giving your child a choice between two books.

Hearing your suggestions. If you come across a tale that would be just the thing for your child, read it to him/her.

Make reading a priority. Make a reading a part of your routine and setting aside time (other than bedtime) as reading time.

Seeing you read. Let your child see you read and allow him/her to look through his/her book while you read yours.

Get started with a few of these tips to motivate your young reader today.

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