IMG_1903LauraMrs. Lankes attended Muskingham College.  She is former preK teacher.  Her Montessori training in the infant/toddler program was at the North American Montessori Center and she recently completed her Montessori training for pre-primary children ages 3 to 6 at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in Cranberry Township, PA. . She has been a teacher at WPMS since July 2004.  Mrs. Lankes is currently the 2-3 Toddler Teacher, Physical Education Instructor for all 3-6 classes,  and the Director of the WPMS summer camp program. Mrs. Lankes has one son.

Growing up, she says she always wanted to be a teacher and has fond memories of playing school with her cousin.  However, her parents tell a different story.  “They tell me I went through a phase where I wanted to be a race car driver and race in the Indianapolis 500 like Mario Andretti. Boy, am I glad I outgrew that phase!”